True Tori

Tori Spelling decides to allow cameras to follow her to capture her real life story.

Genre: Drama , Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 4.4

Season 2 - True Tori
"Tori attempts to move on from a devastating chapter in her life; Tori focuses on healing herself."
"Tori decides to sell a massive warehouse of belongings in order to provide for her family."
"Tori pursues her past in an effort to control one aspect of her life; Dean battles his demons."
"When Tori plans a party for Dean's oldest son, she is forced to face her past with Dean's ex-wife."
"Tori confronts Dean with accusations made by his ex-wife; the couple visit a spiritual guru."
"Tori and Dean take steps to get their professional and personal lives back on track."
"After confronting two of her most contentious relationships, Tori is faced with a big decision."
"Tori and Dean must decide if they will continue to document their lives on television."