The Curse of Civil War Gold

Kevin Dykstra and his team base their search for Civil War Gold in Michigan on a deathbed confession from a lighthouse keeper in the 1890s.

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 6.3

Season 1 - The Curse of Civil War Gold
"Treasure hunter Marty Lagina learns of a mystery that rivals Oak Island when he meets fellow Michigan native Kevin Dykstra. Kevin believes he\u2019s found a trail to a fortune in confederate gold that lies at the bottom of Lake Michigan. But he needs Marty\u2019s help to get it."
"Evidence of a possible forgotten railroad energizes Kevin and his team as the pressure builds to convince Marty Lagina to join their quest in the recovery Civil War gold."
"The team unearths evidence of a secret tunnel while new clues suggest a deeper mystery than just the missing Confederate gold."
"With only one shot left to convince Marty to join their search, the team heads west where new clues are revealed."
"No description"
Season 2 - The Curse of Civil War Gold
"Alex Lagina joins Kevin Dykstra and his team back on the lake, and new evidence suggests they may have found the gold."
"A diving operation produces potential evidence of some $140 million in gold at the bottom of Lake Michigan, while an informant shares a 50-year-old secret that shocks and energizes the team."
"The team uncovers evidence of a web of tunnels connecting the homes of key players in Kevin's theory, offering possible proof that members of the 4th Michigan Cavalry returned home with millions in Confederate gold."
"Excitement builds when Kevin and the team uncover evidence on the property of a Civil War general that could convince Marty their theory is legitimate."
"A century old family's secret lures Kevin and the team back to Georgia where new finds suggest there's more Civil War gold to be discovered."
"Shocking new evidence suggests the plot to steal 140 million dollars in Confederate gold may have been tied to the highest office in the land, and dangerous waters threaten the team\u2019s attempt to investigate a sunken boxcar."
"A theory suggests the theft of Confederate gold funded one of the most nefarious crimes in history."
"Excitement soars when Kevin finally holds gold brought home from the arrest of Jefferson Davis, convincing him that his theory is true."
"For Kevin Dykstra and his team, an eight-year quest to find a legendary boxcar at the bottom of Lake Michigan becomes a battle against nature itself."
"Marty Lagina joins Kevin and his team as they battle the elements and take one final shot at finding 140 million dollars of Confederate gold at the bottom of Lake Michigan."