A down on his luck aristocrat is forced to live in a caravan with his butler, and his dog.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Andy Heath , Yvonne Stone

Country: UK

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 4.1

Season 1 - Pompidou
"Pompidou, his butler Hove and their afghan hound Marion are hungry. There's no food in their caravan and no money either. A desperate attempt to find something to eat sees Hove end up in a sticky situation. It's up to Pompidou to get him out."
"Pompidou believes that he\u2019s won the lottery, but Hove\u2019s the real winner. A transformation in Hove sees Pompidou bereft, but he won\u2019t allow that to last long."
"Pompidou realises a bowl he gave to a friend is worth a million pounds. We see Pompidou and Hove do everything from a haggling in a charity shop to trying their hand at pottery to reclaim it."
"It's Valentine's Day, and Pompidou wants a date. A chance meeting with a lady from a dating agency means his wish might just come true, but Pompidou's idea of romance isn't to everyone's tastes."
"Pompidou's hoarded too much junk, and Hove's had enough. Hove attempts to shift some of the clutter at a church hall fete, but Pompidou will do anything it takes to ensure he keeps it all."
"It's cold. The electric heater in the caravan is bust, and the repairman won't come to fix it. The only thing left to do is go on holiday, but with no money Pompidou and Hove must get creative"