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Life Below Zero

The everyday struggles of living in the secluded state of Alaska where one wrong decision could cost you your life.

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Life Below Zero
"Six people separated by hundreds of miles, all joined by the common cause of surviving the winter in the Alaskan bush. In Noorvik, Chip races to set whitefish nets on thin ice for the last catch of the season. Fishing on the frozen river is deadly, but it's vital to haul enough fish to last through the winter. Andy tests the safety of the river surrounding his house that he uses as a link to the outside world. Without this winter lifeline, he is trapped and isolated."
"Sue heads home after recovering from an injury, only to find that her fuel supply has been stolen. Elsewhere, Chip and Agnes are unable to access their hunting grounds and are forced to barter their supplies."
"Sue sets up hand lines between her most important buildings and prepares firearms as a blizzard approaches. Elsewhere, Erik collects water and wood."
"A wolf approaches Sue's cabin; Chip's snow machine breaks down; and Erik hunts for lynx."
"Sue runs low on fuel and calls for an air delivery, but mechanical trouble and an impending winter storm make travel difficult. Elsewhere, Erik deals with a crafty wolf."
"Kate and Andy collect lumber for their homestead before celebrating her birthday; Chip and Agnes go hunting."
"Sue gets a rare hunting opportunity when a flock of birds end up in her yard; Erik has a snow-machine accident while out setting traps."
"Sue encounters a predator outside her tent; Andy buys a new sawmill and must tow it home despite dangerous snowdrifts on the Taylor Highway."
"Chip and Agnes track a wolf for its fur; Sue hunts for a moose; Kate and Andy prepare for a doomsday scenario."
"Sue travels to Fairbanks to buy her Kavik River Camp; Andy and Kate move their dogs to a safe location before an ice breakup; Erik preps for grizzly-hunting season by renting out his property."
Season 2 - Life Below Zero
"The second season begins with Andy dealing with a dangerous predator as hibernation season ends for the local wildlife. Also: Chip and Agnes hunt for fur; and Sue works to stock her freezer before the end of bear season."
"The runway strip is threatened by runoff from melting snow that could halt vital business for Sue's camp. Elsewhere, Chip and Agnes commence on a fishing expedition with their children."
"Sue deals with last-minute emergencies while preparing for customers to stay at her camp; Andy and Kate build a greenhouse for growing food supplies."
"Glenn runs low on provisions and decides to go fishing to replenish his supplies. Elsewhere, Sue investigates a strange sight on the horizon and then tries to collect coal."
"Sue attempts to hunt caribou to fill her food supplies before winter; Andy tries fishing with a net, which can be more dangerous to operate than his fish wheel."
"Due to a shortage of food, Glenn is forced to travel from Chandalar to Fairbanks."
Season 3 - Life Below Zero
"In the third-season premiere, Sue is forced to face a painful memory when she crosses paths with a grizzly bear. Elsewhere, the Bassichs set up a fishing wheel to feed their sled dogs; the Hailstones run into trouble net fishing; and Erik travels to Kodiak Island to hunt for food."
"Erik goes hunting for mountain goats on Kodiak Island; Andy plans to down a moose with a homemade bullet; Sue tries her luck with a herd of caribou; and Chip and Agnes stock up for winter."
"The Hailstones hunt for a moose to keep them fed during the winter; Sue hurries to close up camp before the freeze starts; Andy looks for beavers along the Yukon; and Erik tries to trap a fox."
"Andy is forced to cut a new trail to his hunting grounds; Sue waits for a fuel delivery before beginning her nine months of isolation; trapping season is off to a bad start for Erik; and the Hailstones hurry to complete their winter preparations."
"Andy and Kate teach a visitor survival skills; Sue fortifies her camp against hungry bears; Erik attempts to keep his food out of the reach of wild animals; and the Hailstones go on a seal hunt."
"Andy and Kate work on training their sled dogs; Sue worries about predators and fuel usage during an interlude of warmer weather; and the Hailstones are prevented from ice fishing when the river fails to freeze over."
"Glenn worries about bears as he returns to his wilderness campsite; Andy and Kate's apprentice practices his survival skills while avoiding frostbite; and a recent injury has Sue worried about her ability to last the season."
"Sue heads to a nearby town to buy an all-terrain vehicle; Chip chops wood to heat his stove; Andy and Kate teach their apprentice how to earn money while living in Alaska; and Glenn melts snow for his water supply."
"Sue makes the long journey back to Kavik with her new all-terrain vehicle; Kate and Andy's apprentice tries to survive on his own; Chip and Agnes' daughter sets traps by herself; and Glenn works on building up his wood stockpile for the winter season."
"Chip becomes concerned when his son doesn't show up for a hunting trip; Sue has trouble gathering supplies due to unpredictable weather; Andy and Kate train a new lead dog; and Glenn prepares for bears as hibernation ends."
"Sue has concerns over an incoming snowstorm; Andy attempts to retrieve supplies from a frozen river that's breaking apart; the Hailstones prepare for a hunting trip; and Glenn tracks a wolf."
"Chip and Agnes set out to hunt Caribou one last time before the winter season ends; Sue discovers a mysterious object in the tundra; Glenn tracks a wolf in search of meat and fur; and Andy follows snow trails to collect wood."
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Season 4 - Life Below Zero
"Chip and Agnes teach their daughters how to live off the land; Sue has three months to make a profit off her camp for the year; Andy and Kate deal with seasonal flooding; and Glenn is on the hunt for"
"Sue searches for new sources of food when caribou cannot be found; outdoor guides man Eric Salitan prepares for his busy season; the Bassichs tend to their garden; and the Hailstones trek to Kiwalik to"
"Hailstone's daughters hunt for caribou; Andy finds ways to reduce his physical labor; Glen tries out a new tool; and Sue searches for produce items."
"Sue tries her hand at fishing when she falls short of the food supplies she needs for surviving the winter. read"
"Food is stockpiled in preparation for the oncoming freeze."
"Alaskans stockpile necessary supplies for the coming months with winter quickly approaching."
"Pressure is building with the last-minute push to prepare for winter."
"As the Alaskan winter approaches, time is limited to hunt enough caribou to last the harsh winter."
Season 5 - Life Below Zero
"No description"
"Fall season in the Arctic means the final preparation is in full swing for the long winter months ahead. In Kavik, Sue sets off on a quest for food to survive the coming freeze. In Eagle, Andy and Kate race to get their fish wheel turning before the chum salmon run hits. With their annual caribou hunt on the horizon, the Hailstones build a cache to store their meat for the season. And in Chandalar, Glenn sets out on the most critical hunt of his year as he hopes to harvest a moose that will yield nearly six months\u2019 worth of meat."
"With winter around the corner, Alaskans prepare themselves for the onslaught. In Noorvik, the Hailstone family goes caribou hunting to put up meat for the winter. In Kavik, a bear poses a threat to clients at Sue\u2019s camp. In Eagle, Andy repairs the fish wheel to protect the dogs\u2019 food supply. And in Chandalar, Glenn must haul a felled moose over land and water to get it back to the safety of his camp."
"With seasons changing and the transition from fall to winter, Alaskans are preparing for the winter months. In Eagle, Andy hunts for elusive moose, as he and Kate need to replenish their red meat supply for the coming winter. In Kavik, Sue seals up camp and heads to Fairbanks for a foot procedure. With Tiktaalik \u2014 a local word for burbot \u2014 in season, the Hailstones teach their daughters to ice fish on the river. And in Chandalar, Glenn repairs his cabin before the harsh winter hits."
"Alaskans prepare for the winter months; hunting moose; ice fishing; cabin repairs and procedures."
"Investigating squatters; collecting firewood; braving thin ice to harvest whitefish."
"With dark winter just around the corner, Alaskans continue preparing for the winter months."
"Andy maintains his sled dog trails; Sue works on fixing her generator at the camp; the Hailstones build a tee pee for upcoming hunting trips; and Erik takes his wife hunting for animal hides to sell."
"Chip and Agnes prepare for hunting along the Kiwalik River; Sue builds a pair of snowshoes; Andy goes in search of much needed supplies; Erik and Martha set their first traps of the season."
"Hunting and fishing on the river; fabricating snowshoes; replenishing supplies; setting fur traps."
"As winter begins to fade and signs of spring appear, Alaskans must start to store supplies."
"Spring is on the horizon, and the Alaskans prepare for the coming months as winter ends."
Season 6 - Life Below Zero
"When spring arrives in Alaska, the thaw means time to begin preparation for the next freeze, be it hunting, fishing or relocating for the summer."
"The Hailstones and Jessie work on projects to take advantage of the summer bounty. Glenn searches for a long lost cabin, and Sue reopens her camp."
"Glenn goes on a scouting trip, while Jessie rushes to complete his fish wheel. Sue faces setbacks at her camp, and the Hailstones go on a hunt."
"Technical issues sideline Sue, while weather issues cause the Hailstones to buckle down. Glenn and Jessie find an abundance of food and resources."
"Erik returns to embark on a hunt, and Sue attempts to restock her freezers. The Hailstones get a new boat, and Jessie continues to work on his fish wheel."
"Alaskans must divide and conquer to stockpile resources for the long winter ahead. We follow Sue, Chip, Jessie and others in their preparations."
"Sue travels to a weaponry in Fairbanks, the Hailstone family head north to collect greens, Jessie constructs new doghouses for his dog team, and Martha goes on a solo duck hunt."
"The Hailstones navigate treacherous waters, Jessie scouts future hunting and fishing locations, Erik and Martha load up on salmon and Sue receives a generous gift."
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Season 7 - Life Below Zero
"Sue readies her camp for the coming winter. Glenn makes his move from Fairbanks to Chandalar. Jessie revamps his entire dog lot. The Hailstones begin work on a mobile home."
"Sue waits on a fuel delivery. Glenn goes on a moose hunt. Jessie revamps his dog lot. The Hailstones begin to build a mobile home."
"Sue makes needed repairs around camp. Jessie collects fish from his fish wheel. Glenn works to haul a moose back to camp. Chip processes and trades pieces of a caribou."
"With the freeze under way, Alaskans scramble to secure their livelihoods. Sue Aikens returns to find a dangerous predator lurking just outside of camp."
"The Arctic\u2019s late freeze presents unique challenges for Alaskans as they attempt to gather food and resources for survival."
"Repairs, hunting and errands are all on the to-do list as five Alaskans struggle to get through the everyday grind as a long, dark winter looms ahead."
"The looming arrival of dark winter forces Alaskans to tackle various obstacles to ensure a prosperous season."
"In the dead of winter, Alaskans travel into the mountains and across frozen rivers and tundra to obtain resources for survival."
"Though not easy tasks, trapping and hunting are essential activities for Alaskans to get crucial food and fur to survive dark winter."
"Alaskans pursue scarce resources in anticipation of the coming spring and face some unexpected surprises."
"Sue Aikens has chosen to carve out a life of perilous isolation in the remote artic tundra, overcoming constant challenges to thrive at Kavik River Camp, a remote refueling station on the North Slope of Alaska. Sue reveals her journey to Kavik, starting from a rough childhood and tracing through three marriages and numerous ups and downs, and she shares what it is that draws her to a life of solitude."
"At the end of a brutal winter, and on the cusp of spring, Alaskans encounter unexpected roadblocks in their struggle for survival."
"Chip and Agnes Hailstone struggle to live in the Artic and survive as a family, while passing along the importance of their heritage and native traditions to their children. Chip and Agnes discuss their background and experiences, sharing the struggles they have had living a semi-nomadic subsistence lifestyle while hunting, fishing and gathering to survive in the harsh conditions of Northwest Alaska."
"Glenn Villeneuve's life above the Arctic Circle is chronicled."
"The winter comes to a close but the Alaskans are still struggling with their seasonal duties."
Season 8 - Life Below Zero
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"Sue hunts a rogue wolverine that has been stalking Kavik. Glenn embarks on a long journey back to camp on foot. Andy checks his traps and catches a beaver. Chip makes bullets and goes ptarmigan hunting."
"Sue gathers peat moss and reopens her greenhouse. Glenn finishes the long journey home. Andy prepares for the Yukon break-up. The Hailstones hunt for geese."
"Sue experiences problems with her fuel system in Kavik. Glenn fishes and hunts for ducks. Andy deals with break-up in Eagle. Chip and Agnes hunt for caribou at camp."
"Sue fixes the loader and clears the runway at Kavik. Glenn crosses a freezing river to retrieve an old canoe. Andy builds and tests a kayak. The Hailstones move their camp and make a drying rack."
"Sue unloads and sets up new heating system at Kavik. Glenn scouts for shelter and hunts from his canoe. Andy catches and smokes fish in the rain. The Hailstones fish for herring at camp."
"Sue crosses the river and goes fishing. Glenn travels up a mountain, scouts sheep, and rebuilds a blind. Andy builds a yurt with a young client. The Hailstones gather and cook eggs."
"Sue must bury her new electric cables to protect them from outside forces. Delayed by a rainstorm, Andy takes a break from hunting and picks blueberries."
"As the thaw draws to a close, Alaskans battle the clock to maximize their final days of sunlight in the Arctic."
"A profile of Andy Bassich who lives with his sled dogs in the Alaskan wilderness."
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Season 9 - Life Below Zero
"No description"
"Alaskans must travel through unfamiliar, freezing and treacherous territories to harvest new and necessary resources, preparing themselves for a dark winter in the Arctic."
"Sue experiences wolves at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Glenn hunts for bull moose. Jessie sets up a new sawmill. Agnes and the girls go net fishing at Kookoochiaq."
"Sue scouts for sheep at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Glenn sets beaver snares. Jessie runs the Cantwell Sled Dog Race. Andy goes muskrat trapping."
"Agnes and Ting retrieve a sled and tipi from Kiwalik. Glenn goes paragliding off of a mountain. Jessie deals with snow removal around camp. Andy transitions his pups to the full dog team."
"Alaskans apply primitive knowledge and skill to build a life in the Arctic wilderness."
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Season 10 - Life Below Zero
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"As warming temperatures heat up the Arctic, Alaskans take advantage of the sun's return and head out onto ice, water and land for resources."
"Daylight for 24-hours in the spring allows Alaskans to work nonstop to prepare for winter."
"With only a brief window between breakup and winter, Alaskans scramble to complete chores that will make life easier when the deep chill returns."
"In the Arctic, Alaskans rely on the surrounding waterways to provide quick transportation and valuable resources throughout the warm summer months."
"With warm conditions in the Arctic, Alaskans brave the land and waterways to hunt for fresh food and gather supplies to improve their homesteads."
"With summer waning, Alaskans must prepare their bodies and minds for what lies ahead."
"As summer turns to fall, Alaskans go to great lengths to accumulate food and supplies before the landscape plunges into a monthslong frozen darkness."
"As the warm season comes to an end, Alaskans maneuver through the rivers and sloughs to harvest fresh food for the winter ahead."
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Season 11 - Life Below Zero
"Even the toughest Alaskans sometimes need a helping hand."
"Alaskans must complete their final tasks before the freeze, as winter approaches."
"Strenuous labor represents just a part of life for isolated Alaskans."
"At the onset of dark winter, the clock is ticking for Alaskans to brace for what lies ahead."
"To survive dark winter, Alaskans call on old traditions and learn new techniques."
"With their futures uncertain, Alaskans must adapt to old and new surroundings to survive."
"Hard lessons must be learned to survive during the dark winter in the Arctic."
"Sue must build new furniture from scratch. Ricko traps a dangerous foe. Jessie constructs a new workshop. The Hailstones journey through a treacherous storm."
"Alaskans take to the frozen trails to harvest much-needed resources for dark winter."
"A lifelong dream is within reach in the Arctic, and only Mother Nature stands in the way."
"Sue settles back into life at Kavik; Ricko replaces the cabin stove; Jessie struggles to free his four-wheeler from the frozen mud; Chip and Agnes hunt an apex predator."
"The Hailstone family rushes to prepare camp for a possible storm; winds jeopardize Sue's camp and livelihood; as goose season opens, Ricko teaches his daughter to hunt; Glenn heads out to replenish his family's meat supply."
"Sue sharpens her survival skills; Jessie sets out for food and medicine; Glenn burns a manmade structure to the ground so that nature can reclaim its rightful place; the Hailstones embark on a traditional hunt for valued seal meat and oil."
"The everyday struggles of living in the Alaskan wilderness where one wrong decision could be deadly."
"Sue rips out her old kitchen to build a new one; the Hailstones go picking for vegetables; Ricko goes fishing with his kids; Jessie goes beaver hunting."
"Alaskans make the transition into the Arctic summer; the Hailstone family contends with a natural obstacle; Jessie harvests food; Sue hustles to protect Kavik before clients arrive; Ricko and his children face a deadly threat."
"Sue deals with a flooded runway; the Hailstones patch their fishing net before the run of fish occurs in Kiwalik; Ricko and his children head out to secure camp food; Jessie builds a new raft to haul firewood throughout the summer season."
"In Alaska, summer is spent preparing for what lies ahead; the Hailstones spend a night on the water; Sue Aikens battles river currents to source coal; Ricko DeWilde secures food with nets made by his late mother; Jessie Holmes gathers firewood."
"With the summer ending, Alaskans must overcome exhaustion, injury and failure; after seeking medical aid, Andy returns home to pick up the pieces; Jessie harvests salmon; Sue searches for winter food; the Hailstones gather key resources."
"As summer wanes, Alaskans race against Father Time to harvest nature's bounty."
"Alaskans scramble to secure provisions before winter; Andy Bassich must secure clean water to grow vital crops; Sue Aikens stalks a herd of caribou; Jessie Holmes returns to a familiar area to hunt a dangerous predator."
"At the edge of the warm season, Alaskans prepare to pay winter's cost; Ricko DeWilde heads out on a proxy moose hunt to aid a village elder; Sue Aikens builds an arctic entryway; Jessie Holmes works to finish his dream cabin before conditions worsen."
Season 12 - Life Below Zero
"The time is now for Alaskans to prepare for the harsh winter by any means necessary \u2014 or risk paying the ultimate price."
"To survive dark winter, Alaskans must be relentless in their pursuit of critical resources."
"Winter has arrived with a vengeance, and Alaskans prepare for the worst-case scenario."
"To survive winter in Alaska, its residents brave life-threatening challenges every day."
"In order to survive the wrath of dark winter, Alaskans must push their mind, body and soul to the limits."
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Season 13 - Life Below Zero
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