A woman organizes a escape plan camouflaged as a kidnap to protect her children from her husband's enemies.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 5.7

Season 1 - Fugitiva
"Magda, her three children and an aide are kidnapped in their hometown of Mexico City while her husband, in Madrid for business, gets menacing messages."
"After arriving in Benidorm, Magda tells her kids the truth about their dad. Alejandro's mother hires a private investigator. Rub\u00e9n grows wary of Sim\u00f3n."
"Magda confronts Sim\u00f3n and is later recognized. In Mexico, the PI follows a hunch and questions witnesses. Tob\u00edas surveils Alejandro's hotel in Madrid."
"To get cash and legal papers, Magda holds Tob\u00edas captive. Nora visits a lawyer. Alejandro televises a plea, prompting Claudia to contact him."
"Esperanza suggests to Alejandro that Isabel is Velasco's mole. Magda begs Tob\u00edas to help her, and later has an eye-opening experience at a nightclub."
"The PI tracks down Magda. Pau's budding romance complicates her family's departure from Benidorm. Hotel security footage lands Alejandro in hot water."
"Per the PI's new strategy, Magda confronts Alejandro with a list of demands. Pau sneaks back to Benidorm to see Rayco and overhears a shocking argument."
"After a warning from Tob\u00edas, Magda loses trust in K, who finally unveils the rest of his plan. A prostitute sees two very different sides of Alejandro."
"K takes the Guzm\u00e1n family offshore in the boat and stuns them with revelations. Alejandro has a disturbing phone conversation with his mother."
"Mourning a loss and desperate for help, Magda seeks out Alejandro in Benidorm. The captive Guzm\u00e1n kids try to escape. K launches his endgame."