60 Days In

"60 Day In" offers an unprecedented look at life behind bars at Indiana's Clark County Jail as seven innocent volunteers are sent to live among its general population for 60 days without fellow inmates or staff knowing their secret.

Genre: Documentary , Reality

Actor: Jeff , Isaiah , Tami , Robert , Barbara , Maryum , Zac

Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - 60 Days In
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"Sheriff Jamey Noel sends seven volunteer civilians into jail to serve as undercover inmates."
"Sheriff Jamey Noel's program is underway. Zac, a Marine, Tami, a police officer, Robert, a teacher, and Barbra, a stay-at-home mom, are the first participants in. Will they make it through the first 24 hours inside?"
"Sheriff Jamey Noel adds two more members to his undercover team, Isaiah and Maryum. Undercover inmates try to adjust and fit in, while some question their decisions to be there."
"The final participant enters the experiment and Isaiah and Zac fears their covers have been blown; Zac searches for illegal drug use in C-pod; and Tami clashes with another inmate."
"Zac is called into court; Barbra abandons a friendship with Tami; and Jeff becomes a target after several mistakes."
"Tensions and anger rise among the women in F-pod while one of the men face imminent danger in C-pod."
"Undercover program is put as risk when Jeff is attacked.; Zac and Isaiah move to the D-pod wing and Robert returns to general population. Tami's wife makes a surprise visit and Barbara feels betrayed."
"Men's D-pod wing drug activity leads to CERT raid, tensions mount as the halfway point approaches and women's F-pod experiences an outbreak of a contagious rash."
"Thanksgiving presents new opportunities and challenges for the six remaining participants, and one of them is pushed to a breaking point."
"As the participants near the end of their time in jail, tension in F-Pod pushes one woman over the edge and compromises the program, while both men in D-Pod struggle to avoid criminal activity that may have serious consequences."
"The five remaining participants try to finish up their final days inside jail as pressure builds within the pods."
"Three participants remain and one suffers a meltdown when a woman in F-Pod is released. Elsewhere: D-Pod sees a power struggle with a constant threat of violence."
"In the season finale, all seven participants meet to discuss their experience and tensions rise when a contentious moment is addressed."
11 Aug 2016
"Six months after the completion of an unprecedented program in Clark County Jail, all seven participants have returned to their lives unalterably changed."
21 Jul 2016
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Season 2 - 60 Days In
"No description"
"Phase 2 of Sheriff Jamey Noel's experimental program begins as the new participants enter the general population of the Clark County Jail."
"The last participant enters the Clark County Jail and all eight must now face their new reality of life behind bars."
"Hazing, drug use and violence envelop Clark County Jail as two participants are on the brink of dropping out of the program."
"All hell breaks loose in the Clark County Jail when two pod bosses threaten the safety of three of our participants."
"While trying to survive constant harassment, violence and the stress of incarceration, the participants continue to grind out their time in the Clark County Jail, but two of them are reaching a tipping point and for them everything is about to change."
"Sheri, Ryan and Quintin find themselves going deeper undercover as Dion and Ashleigh grapple with their respective pasts. Monalisa has a major revelation about her daughter's situation."
"New challenges emerge after the men switch pods and the women suspect a snitch."
"Raw sewage flows into inmate pods causing chaos throughout Clark County Jail."
"With the sewer line repaired, the participants return to their pods only to encounter new challenges and dangerous threats."
"Tension is running high in the pods as the six remaining participants enter their final days in the Clark County Jail."
"In the final days of their stay in the Clark County Jail, the three remaining participants gather their last bits of evidence and narrowly avoid conflict before their names are called for bed and baggage."
"With Sheriff Noel's program having come to a close, all eight participants are brought together with Sheriff Noel and Captain Maples to talk about their journey as inmates and what they discovered while in Clark County Jail."
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Season 3 - 60 Days In
"In Atlanta's Fulton County Jail, Colonel Mark Adger is sending 17 undercover volunteers into his facility to find solutions to contraband, drug smuggling, and gang violence. The participants who infiltrate Atlanta's Fulton County Jail for this season include a special education teacher who works with at-risk youth, a man who believes that the system has failed African Americans and wants to help fight discrimination, a former corrections officer who wants to see what it is like when the roles are reversed, a woman who met her husband while he was incarcerated and hopes to understand his institutionalized behavior, a Marine with law enforcement aspirations, and others."
"The first five participants enter Fulton County Jail and encounter drug use and sexual behavior."
"As participants settle into Fulton County Jail and new ones enter, inmate suspicions and power-plays keep everyone on edge."
"A violent fight in the women's pod and an abuse of power in pod 600 cause extended lockdowns, proving that the luck of the draw with cell mates can make or break the experience in jail."
"The male participants in 500 suspect each other of being in the program, while the women struggle to continue, and one may even drop out."
"The participants at the Fulton County Jail find that small mistakes can have big consequences, as the Bloods in 500 continue to rise in power."
"Inmates escape their restraints during a chaotic mass evacuation drill in 500; Mauri and Michelle are placed in a vulnerable position after a rumor spreads about the program in the women's pod."
"Zone 500 sees an uproar after an inmate claims to be a Marine; one participant is taken advantage of by a new inmate who shares the same name; and another participant gets caught in the middle of a drug deal gone wrong."
"In the Fulton County Jail, participants Matt and Michelle are faced with tough choices regarding drug use that put their safety, and time in the program, at risk."
"The participants endure their final days at the Fulton County Jail, but one has to make the tough decision to stay another 60 days."
Season 4 - 60 Days In
"With two participants already inside the jail and three more entering, phase two will shatter expectations, open old wounds, and put everyone's safety in jeopardy."
"As the participants settle into jail, inmate feuds and power plays bring them face to face with real danger."
"In I-Pod, Jaclin begins to alienate the officers, inmates and her fellow participant, Stephanie, who decides to plot against her. Meanwhile, Zone 500 is raided for contraband after Alan's roommate makes a shank, and Matt is at odds with his roommate Lawrencein Zone 600, and fears he may have to fight him."
"The participants toe the line between blowing their cover or going full inmate while trying to stay focused on their purpose in the midst of wild parties and difficult cellmates."
"Stephanie uses drugs to bond with her fellow inmates; Jaclin's clothing line brings pink flare and positivity to the inmates, but causes problems with the officers."
"A gas scare occurs in the women's pod; a football kitty goes missing in 500, prompting a gang fight; a new inmate in 600 tests Matt."
"Jaclin receives a target on her back when she attempts to help Stephanie switch rooms; Emmanuel finds trouble when he tries to break up a fight; a rumor about Andrew's sexuality puts him in harm's way."
"Two participants struggle with the decision to leave the program early, while the others attempt to keep their wits as they finish the back half of their time in the Fulton County Jail."
"Matt wrestles with the most devastating moment of his life; Jaclin regrets leaving the program; Alan gets a mysterious new cellmate; the inmates throw an unforgettable birthday party for Angele."
"After an emotional breakdown, one participant is not sure he can continue in the program; Nate expands his meth investigation."
"A participant gets removed from the program after intentionally breaking their cover with an inmate; Stephanie fears that Gabrielle will not keep a secret; Alan tries to buy meth."
"Col. Adger races the clock to safely remove all the participants from the Fulton County Jail."
"After the most shocking finale in the program's history, all nine participants sit down with Journalist Soledad O'Brien and Colonel Mark Adger to discuss their experiences at the Fulton County Jail."
"Six months after the completion of phase one of Colonel Mark Adger\u2019s unprecedented program at the Fulton County Jail, the seven participants return to their everyday lives with new perspectives gained from their time behind bars."
Season 5 - 60 Days In
"Newly elected sheriff Mark Lamb sends six volunteers into the Pinal County Detention Center on a mission to uncover valuable intelligence about the gangs, drugs and operational issues that plague his facility."
"With three participants in the jail and two more on their way in, Sheriff Lamb's mission-based program is off to the races."
"With all seven participants embedded in the facility, some struggle to maintain their distance from one another; one participant threatens to bring the whole program to an abrupt end."
"As the participants begin to focus on their missions, some find early success while others are met with immediate interference; Sheriff Lamb is forced to make a tough decision."
"The participants are tested by thieves and the racial politics of jail, forcing them to become either targets and victims, or threats and aggressors."
"David climbs the ranks in the pod and struggles to remember what side he is on; Abner is tested when one of his own commits an offense; the women suspect that they are being unfairly targeted by the DOs."
"More than halfway through their time in jail, the participants struggle to make progress on their missions; as pod drama boils over, some hit their breaking point."
"The participants struggle with race politics, jailhouse thieves, and protecting their cover stories; the secrets become too difficult for one participant to keep."
"The sheriff and his team face a tough decision; the consequences of one participant's actions put the remaining participants in very real danger."
"When a participant's cover is blown, Sheriff Lamb and his team must decide whether to end the program early or risk the lives of the remaining participants."
"For the first time, all seven participants will meet with the Sheriff and his team to discuss the craziest moments from their time in the Pinal County Jail."
Season 6 - 60 Days In
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